Taos Dyslexia Therapists are bound together by a common commitment and desire to help individuals of all ages learn to read and write.  We all share the common focus on helping those individuals with moderate to severe dyslexia who require more than the traditional classroom or even Special Education resource classroom can offer.  In addition, we have areas of specialization that are effective with students who may not be dyslexic, but may need additional support or enrichment in the areas of cursive writing, spelling, reading comprehension, vocabulary development, and written expression.

If your child’s (or your) writing looks like this 3rd grader’s (click image to enlarge)

or this 7th grader’s

please consider contacting one of the Taos Dyslexia Therapists.  Your child CAN learn to read and spell IF provided with the appropriate instruction and the appropriate scheduling.  The individual who needs therapy level services, is like the individual who needs physical therapy.  In order to create effective pathways in the brain for reading and spelling, frequency and intensity is critical.

One or two lessons a week are futile and often dangerous. They do not afford opportunity for developing habits and the child who has been promised help which he does not receive is plunged into deeper discouragement.                                                                                                   Anna Gillingham

LEARN MORE: What Every Parent [Educator] Should Know: an informative booklet published by The International Dyslexia Association, the oldest learning disabilities organization in the country.  Please share it!


IRS Decision:  The IRS has made a private letter ruling confirming that dyslexia tuition can be deducted as a medical expense on itemized tax returns.  In addition, dyslexia can be used via a Medical Flexible Spending Account.  Please consult your tax preparer for more information.  Go to http://www.ldonline.org/article/30665 to learn more.